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19.0.2 (See all) Book Collector 6.0 is a new version of Book Collector. This new version comes with a few new features and an improved interface. This powerful application will allow you to browse your book collection by author's name, title, publisher and many other tags. This nice and efficient tool will also allow you to view the front and the back covers of your books from the program's main window. Once you have all your collection loaded, you can search for any book just by typing a name or any other information related to it.

On the program's website, you will find a free trial download that you will be able to download easily. The program is very easy to use and very easy to install. There are not a lot of system resources required to use the program. The application will work for all Window versions.

This is a nice program to keep a profuse database. Using Book Collector you will be able to add information and commentaries to your books. The program allows you to view your data in different skins. There is a help button in the program's main window that you will be able to use to get extra information about this application.

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